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WPN To Accept Sixty! Crypto Currencies

Gone are the days of searching the whole internet to find a poker site that will accept your bitcoin, these days you are spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding where to play online poker with your cryptographic currencies. Just this month we reviewed two great poker sites that accept Bitcoin and one (Seals with Clubs) actually lets you play with Bitcoin as a native currency, while the other allows you to deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin (Nitrogen Sports).

Things are certainly changing and cryptographic currencies are no longer a small niche affair in the poker world but well truly part of the mainstream.

What better statement could there be of this truth than the fact that ACR the biggest site on the WPN network, have recently announced they are going to accept not one, not two, but sixty cryptographic currencies!

That’s right, WPN will soon be accepting just about every cryptographic currency known to man, you will be able to deposit with these currencies, convert them into funds for use at the tables and then withdraw them back into your individual cryptographic wallets.

Michael Harris, an ACR spokesman stated: “This is the future, and while we can’t predict which currency is going to emerge as market leader, we’re happy to be a part of the movement that’s making crypto-currencies mainstream”.

That’s a very good point and why this move on the part of WPN is such a clever one in our opinion. The volatility of cryptographic currencies means from week to week a particular coin may go from being very strong to relatively weak. The clever move here is that by accepting sixty cryptographic currencies WPN are not only future proofing their cashier against the inevitable ups and downs of the cryptographic currency markets, they are also empowering players to choose to play with which ever currency they think best at any given time.

This is one of the things that has made cryptographic currency so strong since its inception, the power it gives individuals to make individual choices about how they invest, protect, and secure their money, and that is why this is great step forward for the future of poker with cryptographic currency.