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How To Play Keno

Keno is a game of chance and is fast paced. It can be a great deal of fun and you get to decide how volatile it is depending on how many numbers you pick.

Keno is a lot like bingo but much faster paced.

You start by selecting your numbers, Keno cards vary in size, but in this example we will be using a card with numbers ranked 1 – 40

keno squares

You can select any amount of numbers from 1 square to 10. If you choose more numbers the odds change.

For example in this example we choose 4 numbers, notice the odds at the bottom of the screen:

Keno Odds

We have selected 4 numbers here and if we hit 1 number we will receive 0.8 x our stake back, however if we hit all 4 numbers we will receive 22.5 x our stake back!

Now look what happens when we choose ten numbers:

keno 3

This time if we hit 4 numbers we receive 2.25 x our wager not 22.5 x , this is because we now have 10 numbers on the board so it is much more likely that we will hit 4 numbers when the draw is made. However if we are lucky enough to have all ten numbers hit when the draw is made we will receive 100 x our wager!

When you have placed your numbers it’s time to place your bets, once you have done so simply hit the bet button.

In this example we hit three numbers and received a 1.55 x payout!

keno win

That is really all there is to Keno it is a simple game but can provide for hours of fun.

Depending on what game you play the number of squares drawn when you click bet will vary, usually ten numbers are picked for every draw, so if you have just selected one number on your card, you have ten opportunities for that number to hit when the draw is made.


Keno is a game of chance so you just need to be lucky in order to win.

Some people make patterns on the squares as they believe it brings them luck, as in these examples: