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Overall impression

Graphics - 60%
Gameplay - 70%
Bonuses - 95%
Value - 90%
Casino Information
Name: Stake
Site URL:
Established: 2017
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
Strong community. Graphics are very basic.
Regular promotions in the forums. Just twelve games.

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Stake is a new bitcoin gaming site developed by the same people behind Unlike Primedice, Stake offers a variety of bitcoin games with dice being just one of the games on offer.

The games on have all been designed in house and are unique to the Stake gaming platform. Stake utilises a mixture of well known game formats (e.g. dice and hi-lo) while mixing in some new games (such as chartbet).

Account Creation

Account creation is very simple on Stake. When you first visit the site you will notice a box which allows you to enter a username. Pick a username you like and click the big green start button. This will register your new account. Once you have done this you will be presented with a box that allows you to choose a password and enter your e-mail address. Choose a password you will remember and enter your e-mail address and click secure. Now you have completed the basic account setup, this should take no more than about 30 seconds.

Once you have completed these simple steps you will see a deposit box popup, this provides you with your unique wallet address and QR code. If you want to get playing straight away, simply deposit into this wallet and you will be able to jump straight into the games as soon as Stake receives one confirmation for your bitcoin transfer.

Graphics and game-play

Stake houses twelve very different games, two are currently still in development so at the time of this review there were ten games playable.


The roulette game on Stake plays well. 1 chip = 0.00000100 BTC, and you can bet any multiple of chips. The roulette game also features an automated betting facility which allows you to increase your bets with each spin, this is something we haven’t seen on any other roulette game and makes for a unique twist to this staple of casino gaming.


Keno is a number based game. The object of the game is to guess which numbered square(s) between 1 and 40 will be randomly selected. The more squares you choose the lower your payout if you hit, but the more likely you are to hit. The game-play on stake works well, and there are satisfying chinking noises each time a number is generated. You can vary the volatility by choosing more numbers and when you do this the payouts automatically update so you can easily see what you stand to win depending on how many of your numbers are hit at random each round.


The baccarat implementation on Stake is a simple one but works well, the cards are dealt at a decent speed and the graphics are clear and crisp.

Dice (sphere)

Dice (sphere) is a modern take on the Primedice classic. You are still betting on the portion of the number line that a dice will fall within, but with sphere, the number line is curved into a circle.

Dice (original)

This game is virtually identical to the Primedice implementation. The object of the game is to predict what portion of a number line a number will be on, when it is generated at random, between 0 and 100.


Wheel is currently in development, but is expected for release towards the end of 2017 / early 2018.


Balls roll from the top of the screen and have to get through a series of obstacles until they arrive at the bottom of the screen. There are different prize multipliers at the bottom of the screen, and depending on which multiplier your ball lands in, you receive a different payout. Plinko is best played with many balls so you can fire many into the playing field and hope to get lucky. The high volatility version frequently hits payouts lower than 1.0 , however from time to time the ball can fall to the outer portion of the screen in which case you will receive a 1000x multiplier… Not for the fainthearted!


This is a classic game in which you must reveal squares to reveal gems. If you hit a mine it’s game over and you lose! The more gems you reveal the higher your payout.


This is currently in development.


The classic card game in which you must predict if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card. On infinite decks are used, so don’t try to card count, you’ll be wasting your time!


Another classic, the implementation on Stake is reasonable. If you would like to learn more about this be sure to check out our Blackjack guide (you can find this in the casino game guides section by using the menu at the top of this page).

Diamond Poker

This is actually nothing like poker. The one similarity is that you must beat your opponents hand. While it borrows terminology from poker (three of a kind, two pair, flush, full house) there are actually no betting rounds, instead you and the dealer are dealt a set of cards (with diamonds on them), and the best hand wins.

Value and bonuses

There are no first deposit or reload bonuses available on Stake. There are promotions from time to time however and these are advertised in the forums. The forum login is separate to the main account login so you will need to create an account on the forum if you wish to post on it. We highly recommend you do this if you are playing on Stake, because the community is one of the strongest features of the site, and you get to stay in the loop regarding the latest promotions on offer.

stake forum


Stake is a unique platform in that all the games are designed in house and have been created from the ground up.

The graphics aren’t amazing, but the game play is decent, and the site has great community.

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