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Overall impression

Graphics - 45%
Gameplay - 50%
Bonuses - 93%
Value - 93%
Casino Information
Name: Primedice
Site URL: primedice.com
Established: 2013
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
Low 1% house edge. Just one game - dice.
Big on community (forum and chat).
Semi regular forum based promotions.

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Primedice was one of the first sites to offer bitcoin dice games and has certainly stood the test of time. In the four years since it started it has provided over a million users with a simple, safe, secure way to play with bitcoin.

Primedice offer just one game, dice.

Opening Account

To open your Primedice account head over to Primedice by clicking the button in this review. When you visit you will notice a dialog box, simply choose a name, click join and complete the Captcha.

Once you have done this you will be given the opportunity to add an e-mail address to your account, we strongly recommend you do this, to assist you in the future should you need to recover your account details. The account sign up process takes about 15 seconds. Once you have registered you will be confronted with the main primedice screen.

Games and graphics

There is only one game on Primedice and that is dice, so if you don’t like dice you may be disapointed! We hasten to add also that this is a game of dice unlike any other you may have played before. In fact there are no dice at all.

The object of the game is to predict where a random number will fall between 0 and 100 to two decimal places. You do not need to pick the exact number, you simply need to guess what number will be lower than the actual rolled number. You do this by entering the ‘win chance’ percentage you wish to play for, this number corresponds directly with the upper bound of your dice roll prediction.

For example if you select a win chance percentage of 30% , you are predicting that the number rolled will be higher than 30.

Here is that example in a real game.

First we select 30% as our Win Chance, note how the Roll Under automatically changes to correspond with the Win Chance we have entered

The payout is displayed in the center of the screen. This is not a direct match to the actual probability of the roll occurring because the house takes a 1% edge.

As you can tell Primedice wins no awards for graphics, but the game-play is sound and you may be surprised at how strangely fun this simple game can be.

Once you have settled on the Win Chance you wish to choose, you click roll and hope for the best!

primedice roll

In this roll the actual number rolled was 64.00 so we did not win as we needed the number to be under 30.00. You can see the portion of the number line we were hoping to hit in green at the bottom of the above screenshot. The red portion of the line is the portion that results in our bet losing. Thankfully in our case we didn’t actually wager any money, so we didn’t lose anything!

But in a real situation you would of course have chosen an amount of bitcoin to wager on the roll.

If you prefer a faster paced game you can use the Automated Betting tab, and specify a number of rolls. The system will then automatically roll for you until the number of rolls you have specified has been reached.

One big plus for Primedice is that it is a site that is big on community. They have active forums and regular promotions for active members.

primedice forum

Primedice also have a chat room which is accessible anywhere on the homepage. The chat room is very active and further serves to help build the community atmosphere.

Bonuses on Primedice

While there are no first deposit bonuses on Primedice, there are regular promotions and you can find these using the forums.

The most frequent type of promotion on Primedice are Twitch Streaming promotions. Twitch is a streaming platform that allows players to stream games they are playing on the internet for other people to watch. Primedice have regular streamers who stream playing on the site and give away small fractions of bitcoins to viewers in promotions. These streams take place throughout the week on an almost daily basis.


Primedice is a very simple game but one that can be enjoyable, especially if you check out the automated betting feature. It certainly will not compete with slots in terms of excitement factor but the low house edge and strangely captivating game play factor make it well worth a look. The community is another big plus on this site. It’s just one game though and if you do not like dice you will find nothing of interest here, but that all being said we definitely recommend you give the site a try, if nothing else purely for the novelty value. Let’s not forget the low 1% house edge either!

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