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Bitcoin casinos now more popular than ever

More people than ever are using bitcoin and crypto currencies to gamble with online according to recent statistics. Online gambling has been a huge market for some years allowing people to enjoy the casino experience in the comfort of their own homes. With the rise of bitcoin casinos, online casinos are now more accessible than ever, but bitcoin casinos are not a new idea.

In 2013 it was estimated that half the bitcoin transactions in the world were for online gambling. The analysis found that there were 12,400 bets taking place every day on just one site. In the intervening five years the bitcoin and crypto gambling landscape has exploded. There are now more online casinos than ever available to be played at.

bitcoin casinos more attractive than ever

This is good news for online casino players, because competition brings some great offers, and excellent promotions.

Take 1xbit for example. They are offering 100% deposit bonus up to an entire bitcoin. That means if you deposit 1 bitcoin, you will get a 1 bitcoin bonus, essentially doubling your deposit value.
This is insane value and way above and beyond what many high street bookmakers are offering via their online casino and betting sites.

1xbit bitcoin casinos bonus

1xBit are just one of many online casinos, but they offer a huge range of gaming activities, including: betting, live casino, slots, and poker. It’s bitcoin gambling sites like these that offer so much variety and such attractive bonuses for new players that are a big reason that bitcoin gambling is on the rise right now.

Online gambling is a massive market, $45.86 billion was wagered in 2016 alone. Yet bitcoin according to bitcoin news has so far carved just a small slice of that market. The recent article states that there has been:

“$4.5 Billion in Bitcoin Wagers Since 2014”

This is great news for bitcoin casino enthusiasts, although bitcoin gambling transactions are a large part of the overal bitcoin spend worldwide, relative to the entire online gambling industry bitcoin is still just a small part of the market. So expect to see continued enticing offers and growth in the bitcoin casino space for some time to come.